What is QuanTB?

QuanTB is an electronic forecasting and quantification tool designed to improve procurement processes, ordering, plan­ning, and supply management for tuberculosis (TB) treatment. Created by the USAID-funded Systems for Improved Access to Pharmaceutical and Services (SIAPS) Program, QuanTB is a desktop tool that can be downloaded from the internet and trans­forms complicated calculations into a user-friendly dashboard displaying key forecasting, quantification and supply planning information. When used on a regular basis (e.g., monthly, quarterly) with updated number of cases and stock of medicines, QuanTB can work as an early warning system providing information on actual vs planned consumption, potential expiries, and stock outs of medicines.

Why is QuanTB important?

Ensuring that patients have continuous access to TB treatment requires complex projections and calculations by TB program staff. QuanTB simplifies this process by incorporating best practices of quantification and forecasting for TB medicines into algorithms, and comes pre-loaded with the WHO List of Prequalified Medicines and a sample of recommended treatment regimens. As a result, forecasting, quantification, and ordering align with standard TB medicines management.

How does it work?

Users must enter number of cases enrolled and number of cases expected to be enrolled on treatment during the forecasting period (or, alternatively, percentage using each regimen or single medicine per number of cases), along with stock on hand and stock on order (i.e.; stock planned to be received). For each medicine, QuanTB provides information on indicators such as estimated consumption for enrolled and future cases, months of stock, quantities likely to expire, quantities needed for regular and emergency ordering, along with the best dates to order. The result is improved order planning and supply management, minimizing the risk of over-stock and stock-out. Because users also have the ability to modify data such as medicines and treatment regimens, forecasting period, lead time, buffer stock, minimum and maximum months of stock, medicine’s pack size and prices, and adjust for attrition rates, QuanTB can be customized to reflect particular procurement, distribution, and funding issues.

Who is the target audience?

QuanTB can be is downloaded from the SIAPS website, and is available to any individual interested in improving TB medicine management, from clinicians to program managers. However, SIAPS recommends that users have basic computing skills, knowledge on TB program management, and previous experience with procurement and supply chain management.

What training is needed to use QuanTB?

QuanTB does not require pre-use training; however, the website does provide a comprehensive user’s guide. Before entering data in QuanTB, several steps of the quantification process must be verified by users to ensure consistent and valid results. SIAPS has also developed a comprehensive set of additional tools, training materials, and workshops that complement one another in pharmaceutical management; these are available on the SIAPS website at http://siapsprogram.org.

Preview the new QuanTB eCourse

The goal of this course is to strengthen learners’ skills for appropriate quantification of first and second lines, and other TB commodities, to ensure uninterrupted supply in national tuberculosis programs (NTPs).

Upon completion of this course, learners will be able to:

  • Effectively use QuanTB for quantifying anti-TB medicines and other commodities
  • Identify and monitor important data elements required for implementing an Early Warning System (EWS), to prevent stock outs and overstocks
  • Identify and properly respond to challenges contributing to inadequate quantification

Preview the eCourse here.

Where can I find additional information?

You can find additional download the tool, and submit questions or feedback at http://siapsprogram.org/quanTB/.

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