QuanTB: Helping to Ensure An Effective Flow of Medicines

Effective treatment for MDR-TB can take two or more years and requires a complex regimen of pills and injections. For patients to have continuous access to medicines, TB program staff must carefully forecast medicine needs. To support countries in this effort, the USAID-funded, MSH-led Systems for Improved Access to Pharmaceuticals and Services (SIAPS) Program recently developed QuanTB–a downloadable desktop tool that transforms complicated quantification and forecasting calculations into a user-friendly dashboard for medicines’ management. By supplying updates–such as available months of stock, quantities likely to expire before use, and last day to place orders to avoid a stock out or overstock–QuanTB can serve as an early warning system for programs, helping to ensure an effective flow of medicines. QuanTB is available to any TB staff tasked with medicines management, whether a clinician in Southern Africa or a program manager in Eastern Europe. Learn more at siapsprogram.org/quantb.

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