Oral & Poster Presentations

Oral Presentations

Saturday, 2 November 2012, 12:45-14:15

  • OP-203-02 Evans Sagwa – HIV-associated hypothyroidism in patients on multidrug-resistant TB treatment in Namibia

Poster Presentations

Friday, 1 Nov, 10:15-11:15

  • PC-309-01 Muluken Melese  – Predictors of mortality among TB-HIV co-infected patients being treated for tuberculosis in Northwest Ethiopia: a retrospective cohort study
  • PC-378-01 Gulam Qader – Effect of surveillance system strengthening initiatives on quality of tuberculosis in Afghanistan: a cross-sectional study
  • PC-390-01 Navindra Persaud – Using GIS to effectively monitor resources for managing TB in West Arsi Zone, Ethiopia
  • PC-401-01 Archil Salakaia – Factors associated with default from tuberculosis treatment in the country of Georgia: a case-control study
  • PC-442-01 Stephen Macharia – Improving TB control through service integration and community outreach: experiences from South Sudan
  • PC-443-01 Arthur Lagos – Grassroots leadership and management to improve the TB control program for the urban poor in Quezon City, Philippines
  • PC-459-01 Azizullah Hamim – Results from a multi-sectorial approach to implementing urban DOTS in Kabul, Afghanistan
  • PC-520-01 Muluken Melese – On-site staff mentoring and assessments improve laboratory service quality and microscopy diagnostic accuracy in Ethiopia
  • PC-523-01 Muluken Melese – Expansion of microscopic service, staff training, and supportive supervision improves smear microscopy follow-up of smear-positive TB patients.

Saturday, 2 Nov, 10:15-11:15

  • PC-598-02 Claire Moodie, Navindra Persaud, Ersin Topcuoglu – Lessons learned from a global approach to strengthening monitoring and evaluation efforts in national TB programs
  • PC-622-02 Greatjoy Mazibuko Implementing the multi-method adherence assessment tool amongst TB patients in Swaziland.
  • PC-656-02 Gulam Qader Exploring tuberculosis treatment outcome distribution by gender in Afghanistan, 2009-2011
  • PC-661-02 Irnei Myemba Standard operating procedures improve TB case detection in Arusha, Tanzania
  • PC-686-02 Rhehab ChimziziCan we identify additional TB cases through intensified TB case detection at district hospitals? Experience from Ghana
  • PC-690-02 Gulam Qader – Identifying the impact of standard operation procedures for TB case detection on case notification and treatment outcomes in Afghanistan, 2009-2012
  • PC-699-02 Gulam Qader Exploring impact of tuberculosis infection control measure application on time spent at health facility by clients and suspect TB cases from their arrival to departure in Afghanistan: cross-sectional assessment
  • PC-720-02 Muluken Melese– Prevalence of smear positive pulmonary tuberculosis among health facility patients and their escorts in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia
  • PC-721-02 Belaineh Girma – Heterogeneous TB case notification rate in Ethiopia. What is the implication for TB control?

Sunday, 3 Nov, 12:45-13:45

  • PC-837-03 David Collins – Policy options and levers for financing TB services in Indonesia
  • PC-841-03 David Collins – The cost of scaling up the TB control program in Indonesia
  • PC-844-03 David Collins  – Costs faces by MDR-TB patients during diagnosis and treatment, in Ethiopia, Indonesia, and Kazakhstan
  • PC-845-03 David Collins – The economic burden of TB in Indonesia
  • PC-896-03 Luiz Reciolino Implementation of e-TB Manager in Viet Nam: early outputs and lessons learned
  • PC-912-03 Luiz ReciolinoImplementation of e-TB Manager in Indonesia improves national reporting quality and supports informed decision making for TB control
  • PC-950-03 Edgar BarillasIntroduction of anti-tuberculosis pharmaceutical management guidelines in Madre de Dios, Peru
  • PC-1053-03 Belaineh GirmaRoutine supportive supervision guided by standard of care indicators improved TB service quality in Ethiopia