MSH Delegates

Office of Strategic Development and Communications

Ian Lathrop – Communications Specialist
Barbara Timmons – Prinicpal Writier, Business Development

Center for Health Services

Pedro Suarez – Global Technical Lead, Tuberculosis
Jessica Charles – Communications Specialist
Gloria Sangiwa – Sr. Director for Technical Quality & Innovation
Abel Nkolo – Principal TB Technical Advisor, Africa
Rhehab Chimzizi – Project Director for TB CARE I in Ghana
David Collins – Sr. Prinicpal Technical Advisor
Mohammad Rashidi – Project Direcotr for TB CARE I in Afghanistan
Habtamu Ayalneh – Technical Advisor for TB CARE I
Navindra Persaud – Global Technical Lead for Health Information Systems
Claire Moodie – Monitoring & Evaluation Officer for TB CARE I
Ersin Topcuoglu – Monitoring & Evaluation Principal Advisor, TB CARE I
Stephen Macharia – Project Director for TB CARE I in South Sudan
Terhemba Lan – Sr. Technical Advisor for TB CARE I
Martin Ruhweza – Project Director for TRACK TB
Irnei Myemba – Sr. Technical Advisor for TB IQC
Muluken Melese – Project Director for HEAL TB
Belaineh Girma – M&E Sr. Advisor for HEAL TB
Henry Luwaga – Sr. Technical Advisor for TRACK TB

Center for Pharmaceutical Management

Chinwe Owunna – Senior Technical Advisor, SIAPS Program
Andre Zagorski – Prinicpal Technical Advisor, SIAPS Program
Archil Salakaia – Senior Technical Advisor, SIAPS Program
Edmund Rutta – Senior Technical Advisor, SIAPS Program
Niranjan Konduri – Senior Technical Advisor, SIAPS Program
Antonia Kwiecien – Senior Technical Advisor, SIAPS Program
Gustavo Bastos – Senior Technical Advisor, SIAPS Program
Philo Kakanda – Senior Technical Advisor, SIAPS Program
Emily Delmotte – Technical Associate
Luiz Fernando Reciolino – Consultant, SIAPS Program
Arthur Lago – Senior Technical Advisor
Jemal Seid Mohammed – Laboratory Senior Specialist
Zaza Munez – Senior Technical Advisor
Catherine Mundy – Principal Technical Advisor for Laboratory Services
Joel Keravec – Principal Technical Advisor, SIAPS Program
Alaine Nyaruhirira – Senior Technical Advisor
Beth Yeager – Principal Technical Advisor – SIAPS Program
Salama Mwatawala – Senior Technical Adviso