Symposia & Workshops

Workshop (03)

Transitioning to sustainable pharmaceutical management systems for TB
Wednesday, 14 November 2012, 09:00-17:00 (Room to be confirmed)

Countries have seen a dramatic increase in funding for tuberculosis through global
initiatives. Despite this, countries still struggle with the transition to complete ownership
of their TB pharmaceutical system activities. Management Sciences for Heath (MSH) and
the Global Drug Facility (GDF) will share experiences and strategies for improving
systems and ensuring sustainability and quality of TB pharmaceutical services delivery.

This workshop seeks to:

  1. Bring to the forefront essential elements and requirements for a sustainable pharmaceutical system for TB control
  2. Provide participants with best practices, feasible strategies and relevant tools for enhancing country ownership, improving pharmaceutical systems and sustaining quality TB pharmaceutical service delivery.

Workshop attendants will learn about strategies, procedures and experiences that ensure involvement of key country stakeholders, improve pharmaceutical systems and promote sustainability, responsibility and ownership in TB pharmaceutical service delivery by the country.

Symposium (06)

Ensuring the quality of TB laboratory services
Thursday, 15 November, 08:00-10:00 (Room to be confirmed)

Where quality-assured laboratory testing is available, clinicians and programme officials
routinely rely on laboratory results in decision making, and often laboratory results are
indispensable for TB diagnosis, treatment and control. This symposium will address how
efforts to ensure the quality of TB laboratory services can help ensure sustainability. TB
laboratory services and TB laboratory networks can be strengthened through use of a
step-wise process for developing, implementing and assessing quality management
systems that provide assurance and recognition of laboratory performance.

The objectives of this symposium are:

  1. To understand the role and importance of quality management in providing sustainable, reliable diagnostic services;
  2. To learn about innovative tools, approaches, and solutions to providing quality assured laboratory services;
  3. To learn about accreditation and certification of laboratory services and its pivotal role in strengthening TB treatment and control efforts.

Symposium (21)

Saving lives in areas of conflict or disaster: partnering for results
Friday, 16 November, 08:00-10:00 (Room to be confirmed)

Providing universal access to TB prevention, diagnosis and care is a particular challenge
in settings of conflict or natural disaster. Often NTPs must rely on local organisations
and resources to extend their reach to unserved or isolated areas. Although a major
challenge, this is also an opportunity to expand access by fully engaging communities
as partners in TB control. This symposium will describe successes and challenges in DR
Congo, South Sudan, Afghanistan and elsewhere that can be applied across areas where
conflicts or disasters are important barriers to reaching global TB targets.

The objectives of this symposium are to:

  1. Present specific examples of TB control work in DR Congo, South Sudan, Afghanistan and elsewhere to illustrate challenges;
  2. Describe the key elements of success in working through TB control challenges in areas of conflict of disaster;
  3. Discuss lessons learnt that can inform similar efforts in other areas of conflict or disaster.