Our global commitments to saving women’s and children’s lives

  • Child Marriage Coalition: MSH is a partner in the Girls Not Brides coalition to end child marriage by amplifying girls’ voices and defending their right to health and education.
  • Clinton Global Initiative: For CGI, MSH pledged $15 million to bring community health shops, which provide supplies for maternal and child health, to 70 million people in Africa by 2015.
  • Diarrhea Declaration: MSH joins a consortium of private and public organizations scaling up access to affordable treatment for childhood diarrhea and pneumonia.
  • Every Woman, Every Child: For this United Nations campaign, MSH committed $200 million to meet the health needs of women and children in several fragile states.
  • Frontline Health Workers Coalition: As a member, MSH urges U.S. investment in community health workers who bring maternal and child health care to households.
  • Universal Health Coverage Call to Action: MSH joins civil society organizations from around the world in pledging to support universal health care.

Gender in programs

We design gender-sensitive programs that strengthen health systems at every level to respond better to the needs of populations in developing nations around the world.

We also advocate for mainstreaming gender into national policies, strategies, and programs.