Thursday, January 28


10:00am–1:20pm | Jimbaran & Uluwatu lobby

A Three-Step Participatory Quick Process to Build Capacity for Youth-Focused Family Planning Services in El Salvador

Beth Yeager, Management Sciences for Health (MSH)


Non-Financial Incentives as a Performance Motivation for Community Health Workers in Madagascar

Delord Ramiaramanana, Mikolo



Strategies for Promoting Disability-Inclusive Family Planning Interventions

12:00pm–1:20pm | Legian 5

Susan Dunn & Ekaete Umoh, Mobility International USA (partners with the Leadership, Management & Governance [LMG] Project)


Strengthening Family Planning Programs and Reducing Unmet Needs: Lessons from Latin America

12:00pm–1:20pm | Kintamani 6

Fabio Castaño, Management Sciences for Health (MSH)