Thursday, November 14

 Organized sessions, workshops, and roundtable discussions

[10:30 AM–11:50 AM]
Implementing Best Practices Workshop 5: Fostering Change – Valuable Resources Now Available
3rd Level, Caucus Room 26

[10:30 AM–11:50 AM]
Session 2.1.14: Support and Strengthening of Family Planning
2nd level, Caucus Room 24
Sowing the SEEDS of Expanded Contraceptive Choice: Using a Holistic Framework to strengthen Capacity of Three IPPF Member Associations in West Africa
John Yanulis, MSH / Madagascar Primary Health Care Project

[1:20 PM]
CEOs For Emerging Leaders Roundtable: Creating Provider Incentives and
Aligning Resource Streams to Assure Quality Reproductive Health and Family
Planning Service Access
John Pollock, MSH / Center for Health Services

[1:20 PM]
Topical Roundtable 32
Smart Governance Yields Smart and Sustainable Gains in Family Planning
Joseph Dwyer, MSH / Center for Leadership and Management
[2:30 PM–3:50 PM]
Session 2.3.05: Financing Family Planning
Ground Floor, Briefing Room 4
Mildred Latigo, MSH / STRIDES for Family Health Project


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