MSH Delegates

Office of Strategic Development and Communications

Barb Ayotte – Director of Strategic Communications
Hiwot Emishaw – Campaign Coordinator, Health for All in Africa
Ian Lathrop – Strategic Communications Specialist
Christine Rogers – Production Manager
Anteneh Tesfaye – Campaign Communication Specialist, Health for All in Africa

Center for Health Services

Salwa Bitar – Principal Technical Advisor, E2A Project
Fabio Castano – Global Technical Lead for Family Planning/Reproductive Health
Lemma Ketema – Technical Director for MNCH/RH/HIV Integration, ENHAT-CS Program
John Pollock – Acting Vice President
Mildred Latigo – Senior Technical Advisor, Uganda STRIDES Project


Joseph Dwyer – Consultant
Zipporah Kpamor – MSH Country Representative for Nigeria; Director, CUBS Project
Sarah Lindsay – Technical Officer, LMG Project
Eva Ros – Principal Technical Advisor, LMG Project
Kate Wilson – Technical Advisor, LMG Project

Center for Pharmaceutical Management

Maheen Malik – Senior Technical Advisor, SIAPS Project
Negussu Mekonnen – MSH Country Representative, Ethiopia
Md. Abu Shah Jamal Molla – ┬áTechnical Advisor, SIAPS Project in Bangladesh