Join MSH in Addis Ababa

Please join Management Sciences for Health (MSH) and our partners during these featured events at the 3rd International Conference on Family Planning, including a “Youth Leadership for Family Planning Workshop,” roundtables on leadership and smart governance, and Implementing Best Practices workshops and sessions.

Follow live updates on this blog and on Twitter with #ICFP2013, #familyplanning, #ICFPYouth, and #WomenLead.

Visit us in the exhibition hall!


3 thoughts on “Join MSH in Addis Ababa

  1. family planning in Africa still facing many challenges, one of these challenges is the traditional perception of the rural families regarding the control of the family, people are roughly will not accept the idea, improve awareness of family planning I think is of high benefit. However UC can play a role as it might help to increase access and affordability but it will not improve the local community perception on family planning !

  2. How can I join you in the third conference on family planning that will be held in Addis Ababa? I mean the entrance ID?

    It to communicate to you, I consider my self blessed I communicate with you.

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