Satellite Sessions

Tuesday, december 10, 12:00-13:30

Bada Pharasi, Systems for Improved Access to Pharmaceuticals and Services (SIAPS) Program, Supply Chain Strategies for Enhancing Access to Affordable, Quality Medicines

Poster Sessions

Saturday, december 7

Session 1, Track E: Paul Waibale, Building Local Capacity (BLC) for Delivery of HIV Services in Southern Africa (BLC) Project, New Evidence, New Thinking: HIV Prevention Communication Training Bridges the Gap from Research to Practice

sunday, december 8

Session 1, Track B: Stephanie Berrada, SIAPS Program, Understanding the Factors Influencing the Duration of First-Line Regimens in an Ageing Antiretroviral Treatment Programme

Session 1, Track C: Joseph Ouma, Strengthening TB and AIDS Response – Eastern Region (STAR-E) Project, Assessment of the Current Risk Reduction Campaign and the Combination Prevention Package on Sexual Behavior of Adults of Reproductive Age in Uganda

Session 1, Track D: Hloni Mabuza, BLC Project, Comparison of Sexual Risk Behaviour Between HIV Positive Men and HIV Negative Men in Gauteng and the Western Cape

Session 1, Track E: Katie Reichert, BLC Project, Improving HIV Management in Botswana Hospitals Through the Quality Improvement and Leadership Program: The Case of Mahapye and the Scottish Livingstone Hospitals

Session 2, Track D: Bright Phiri, SIAPS Project, The Role of Small Grants in Enhancing and Aligning HIV Prevention Activities in Resource Constrained Rural Communities of the Zululand District, Kwazulu-Natal

Tuesday, December 10

Session 2, Track B: Sarah Konopka, African Strategies for Health (ASH) Project, A Systematic Review of Demand-Side factors Affecting ART Initiation and Adherence for Pregnant an Postpartum Women Living with HIV

Session 2, Track B: Erik Schouten, MSH Malawi, A Systematic Review of Interventions to Reduce Mortality Among HIV-Infected Pregnant and One-Year Postpartum Women (Presented by Scott Kellerman and Jackie Sallet)

Session 2, Track C: Agnes Kobusingye, STAR-E Project, Relationship between Uptake, Knowledge and Practices of PMTCT Services Among Mothers of Infants: Experiences from 12 Districts in Eastern Uganda

Session 2, Track D: Christopher Colvin, ASH Project, A Systematic Review of Health System Barriers to and Enablers of ART for Pregnant and Postpartum Women with HIV

Abstract Sessions

Monday, december 9, 17:00

Luigi Ciccio, Uganda STAR-E Project, Assessing the Progress of HIV and AIDS Indicators: Can Regional Level Results from Household Surveys Be Used for Program Monitoring?

Tuesday, december 10, 16:45-18:15

Jennifer Acio, Uganda STAR-E Project, Scale-Up of Cervical Cancer Screening and Integration with STI Services: The Experience from Eastern Uganda