MSH Delegates

Office of Strategic Development and Communications

Crystal Lander – Director, Policy and Advocacy
Michele Alexander – Administrative Coordinator

Center for health services

Sarah Konopka – African Strategies for Health (ASH) Project
Scott Kellerman – Global Technical Lead for HIV/AIDS
Gail Bryan-Mofya –┬áZambia Prevention, Care, and Treatment: Phase II (ZPCT II) Project
Luigi Ciccio – Uganda Strengthening TB and AIDS Response – Eastern Region (STAR-E) Project
Jennifer Acio – Uganda STAR-E Project

Center for Leadership & Management

Donald Harbick – Building Local Capacity (BLC) for Delivery of HIV Services in Southern Africa (BLC).Project
Johanna Theunissen – BLC Project
Hloni Mabuza – BLC Project
Sharon Gama – BLC Project
Paul Waibale – BLC Project
Katie Reichert – BLC Project
Anddy Omoluabi – BLC Project
Ntefeleng Nene – BLC Project
Sheilla Benyera – BLC Project

Center for Pharmaceutical Management

Bada Pharasi – Systems for Improved Access to Pharmaceuticals and Services (SIAPS) Program
Bright Phiri – SIAPS Program
Donald Demana – SIAPS Program
Stephanie Berrada – SIAPS Program
Mulatedzi Makhado – SIAPS Program
Mupela Ntengu – SIAPS Program
Corry van der Walt – SIAPS Program
Lindile Mabuya – SIAPS Program
Bulumko Futshane – SIAPS Program
Tiwonge Mkandawire – SIAPS Program
Millidhashni Reddy – SIAPS Program
Percival Daames – SIAPS Program
Dr. Obakeng Khaole – SIAPS Program
Jackie Sallet – South Africa Sustainable Response to HIV & TB Services (SA SURE) Project