Inside Story: The Science of HIV and AIDS

Inside Story: The Science of HIV and AIDS tells the story of Kalu, a rising Kenyan footballer, who migrates to South Africa to establish his career. A romantic encounter leads to the unwelcome realization that he is HIV positive. Kalu goes through an emotional journey as he comes to terms with his diagnosis, encountering social and financial challenges along the way. Animated sequences showing the HIV virus traveling through the human body at different stages of the infection are interwoven with Kalu’s story.

USAID, in partnership with Management Sciences for Health’s Building Local Capacity for Delivery of HIV Services in Southern Africa Project (BLC), helped produce Inside Story with Discovery Channel Global Education Partnership (DCGEP). This docudrama, created for African audiences, premiered on World AIDS Day 2011in Johannesburg to the first 500 of an eventual targeted 300 million African viewers. The film is an exciting new tool to counter HIV-message fatigue and explain the epidemic’s complexity to a wide audience.

BLC worked closely with Discovery Channel Global Education Partnership (DCGEP), managing USAID funds and providing technical input. BLC served on the film’s advisory board to give scientific, cultural, and artistic direction, and reviewed the script to ensure accuracy in the scientific representation of the virus, and the script’s relevance to African audiences. Other private and non-profit sector partners included Chevron, PEPFAR, Access Bank, SEACOM, and the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS).


All over Africa, people are helping spread the knowledge by hosting Inside Story screenings with their family, friends, coworkers or community. Screenings come in all shapes and sizes: living rooms, churches, schools, or community centers. A facilitators guide will be available soon.

Visit to see options for free streaming (wordwide) and downloading (outside of the U.S. only), or to purchase a digital copy of the film (U.S. only).

Select MSH offices, coordinated by the BLC project, will be assisting with distribution of Inside Story. For more information, contact:


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