Panel Presentations / Concurrent Sessions

Friday, 2 November, 07:45-09:15

Concurrent Session 11: Universal health coverage–easier said than done?


  • David Collins, “What will it cost to scale up basic packages of primary health care to cover everybody?”
  • Zina Jarrah, “Is it cheaper to treat child pneumonia, diarrhea, and malaria in the community? Some answers from Malawi and Rwanda”

Friday, 2 November, 14:30-16:00

Concurrent Session 2: Innovations in data collection and analysis


  • Megan Rauscher, “Translating epidemiological data and health systems analysis in Uganda to improve the national drug kits system: A targeted, cost-effective approach to universal health coverage in MNCH Populations”

Friday, 2 November, 16:30-18:00

Concurrent Session 3: Health systems functioning in fragile states


  •  Dr. Steve Solter will facilitate discussion on this panel

Concurrent Session 4: Scaling-up health services to address communicable diseases


  • Eleanor Namusoke Magongo, “How a health systems intervention contributes to reducing loss to follow-up of HIV exposed infants: a case study of a rural health centre in Uganda”

Concurrent Session 10: How to evaluate systems reforms: The case of PBF


  • Jean Kagubare, ” Developing a typology needed for evaluating performance-based financing”