Side Sessions


Side Session: Developing Leadership for Managing and Governing Universal Health Coverage (UHC): Innovations and Evidence from the Field

11:00-12:30 | Lula Ayres, Atlante Plaza Hotel

An effective health system with universal coverage depends as much on well-prepared and valued health leaders and managers as it does on clinically prepared nurses and doctors. The challenge we face is not a lack of medical knowledge, but rather a lack of trained personnel. Join MSH to discuss how countries have addressed the challenges of UHC by recognizing the value of health leader-managers, professionalizing these roles, and implementing innovative tools for preparing personnel.

Side Session: Promising Practices/New Tools: Strengthening the Health Workforce

16:00-17:30 | Mario Melo 2/4, Atlante Plaza Hotel

Universal Health Coverage requires an educated workforce and a strong health system. Learn about new tools being used to strengthen the health workforce through innovative costing tools and investments. These promising innovations are the result of public/private partnerships and are scalable and replicable.

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