Insight, Inspiration, and Imperative: Top Eight Takeaways from AIDS 2014

From a somber beginning to a closing ceremony calling for “Stepping up the Pace on HIV & AIDS,” health, and human rights (PDF), the 20th International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2014) provided insight, inspiration, and imperative for the critical work ahead. Here are our top eight takeaways from AIDS 2014.

Numerous MSH staff contributed to this content. MSH staff attending the conference included: Barbara Ayotte, Gordon Comstock, Melissa Gandanzara, Rachel Hassinger, Megh Jagriti, Jonathan Jay, Scott Kellerman, Candide Tran Ngoc, Cedric Ndizeye, Christine Onyango, Chinwe Owunna, Geneva Pham, Jonathan D. Quick, Christine Rogers, Gloria Sangiwa, Johanna Theunissen, Katie Reichert, and Sam Wanamama.

Videos: Dr. Gloria Sangiwa: Women Lead on Chronic Diseases

Dr. Gloria Sangiwa, Global Technical Lead of Chronic Diseases at Management Sciences for Health (MSH), reflects on the 20th International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2014).

In the first video, Sangiwa describes the exciting opportunity for leveraging the HIV platform, thanks to the work of PEPFAR, to treat the whole person–not just the disease.

In the second video, Sangiwa elaborates on why women leaders — from personal health, to family, health provider, community, policy level, and more — are a critical component to stepping up the pace on HIV and chronic diseases.

Video 2:

More about MSH’s work on chronic diseases



Video: Step Up the Pace for Women: Bob Chapman

Bob Chapman of the American Cancer Society talks about why we must step up the pace for women living with HIV and chronic diseases. (Watch video.)

Join us Monday, July 21, 18:30-20:30, in plenary room 3.


Women, HIV & AIDS, and NCDs: A Call to Action for Low- and Middle-Income Countries. (Not in Melbourne? Join the conversation online with hashtag #womenHIVNCDs.)