Oral Abstracts and Poster Presentations

The Poster Exhibition is open from Monday, 21 – Thursday, 24 July, from 10:00 – 18:30 and is located on the Ground Level within the Exhibition. Posters are displayed for viewing from Monday to Thursday. Each poster is displayed for one day. Late breaker posters are displayed for the duration of the conference (Monday to Thursday) in the Poster Exhibition area.

Authors will stand by their posters between 12:30 and 14:30 on their day of presentation to answer questions and provide further information on their study results.

Monday, July 21

MOPE367 – Poster Exhibition
Evidence based OVC programming – optimizing resources and ensuring impact in Lesotho
Presenter: Megh Jagriti

MOPE413 – Poster Exhibition
Using organizational capacity building to ensure the sustainability of community-based interventions for orphans and vulnerable children: lessons from the CUBS project in Nigeria
Presenter: Oby Onoh

Tuesday, July 22

TUPE146 – Poster Exhibition
Follow up of circumcised clients at 48-hours post-surgery in Uganda: reducing adverse events and reinforcing prevention messages

Wednesday, July 23

WEPE170 – Poster Exhibition
Data utilization for development and change: using existing data to understand HIV service performance in Uganda

WEPE407 – Poster Exhibition
Community health workers’ role in implementing HIV prevention services in Angola
Presenter: Katie Reichert

WEPE410 – Poster Exhibition
Improving the availability of ARV in Dominican Republic through the transition from Vertical ARV supply system to an integrated national pharmaceutical system

WEPE413 – Poster Exhibition
Evaluation of an ART-related logistics management information system: a case study of the electronic dispensing tool in Morocco
Presenter: Itamar Katz

WEPE438 – Poster Exhibtion
Building and strengthening capacity of districts personnel in application of lot quality assurance sampling surveys and use of resulting data to monitor HIV/AIDS services; Experience of STAR-E project in Uganda
Presenter: Esther Sempiira

WEPE465 – Poster Exhibition
Using a results chart to facilitate 66 districts and sub-districts share and use their lot quality assurance (LQAS) survey results, the experience of STAR-E project in Uganda
Presenter: Esther Sempiira

WEPE467 Poster Exhibition
Mobile technology equips community-based volunteers to record and report high-quality, timely data on service delivery to orphans and vulnerable children in Nigeria
Presenter: Oby Onoh

WEPE468 – Poster Exhibition
Improving shared learning among HIV/AIDS focused civil society organisations in Kenya through access to quality data for decision making
Presenter: Henry Kilonzo

Thursday, July 24

THPE374 – Poster Exhibition
Integration of HIV services into maternal neonatal and child health and family planning services in STRIDES supported districts in Uganda
Presenter: Joseph Ekong

THPE388 – Poster Exhibition
The presidential comprehensive response plan for HIV/AIDS in Nigeria 2013 – 2015: a 6-month review
Presenter: Andrew Etsetowaghan

THPE435 – Poster Exhibition
Performance-based financing promoting HIV testing in Rwanda
Presenter: Cedric Ndizeye

THPE437​ – Poster Exhibition
Measuring performance of short-term technical support (STTS) to Global Fund grants: a unique setting to assess effectiveness
Presenter: Christine Onyango

THPE441 – Poster Exhibition
Measuring effectiveness of Global Fund-related short-term technical support (STTS) on grant management bottlenecks: results from 43 STTS interventions in 24 countries
Presenter: Christine Onyango