A Call for UHC Post 2015

Health is a universal human right. It is both an indicator and a driver of sustainable development. Yet, as the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) deadline approaches, far too many people—more than one billion worldwide—still lack access to needed health services. There are glaring inequalities in health service coverage and quality, shaped by social, economic and political factors.

Meanwhile, many people struggle to afford the health services they do receive: 150 million people experience financial catastrophe every year from out-of-pocket health costs. This burden disproportionately affects women, children and the most vulnerable. It exacerbates poverty and social inequality.

Universal health coverage (UHC) has gained widespread support as an objective to improve financial protection for healthcare and coverage of quality, needed services by strengthening health systems. Progress towards this objective would serve the post-MDG aim of reducing poverty, while driving a more integrated, comprehensive response to ongoing and emerging health challenges.

Call to Action

MSH, which is one of the civil society organizational members of the Health for All Post-2015 campaign, calls upon the United Nations Member States to incorporate UHC as an integral component of the post-2015 development framework, as specified by these principles of human rights and public health:

  • Equity, prioritizing the needs of the poorest, disadvantaged and most vulnerable segments of the population, aiming to achieve equitable healthcare access and health outcomes across all relevant dimensions, including: socioeconomic status, gender, age, geography, ethnicity, disability, and sexual orientation;
  • Participation, with formalized expectations for engagement and mobilization of communities in the design and implementation of UHC;
  • Solidarity within countries, supporting progressive contributions and subsidies for the poor, as well as globally, galvanizing assistance for nations which cannot reasonably afford a minimum standard of health services;
  • Responsiveness to epidemiology, recognizing the unfinished business of the MDGs and the need to extend those targets ambitiously, while responding to emerging priorities, including noncommunicable diseases;
  • Harmonization with other components of the post-2015 framework, including ambitious and measurable targets for improving health outcomes, as well as the essential contributions of other sectors to address the social determinants of health;
  • Investment in critical health systems resources, including trained health workers and essential medicines; and
  • Accountability, based on actionable norms that prioritize equity, safeguard individual rights and optimize resource allocation for the progressive realization of UHC through gap-reducing targets and indicators.

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Signatories (As of June 17, 2014)

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