Insight, Inspiration, and Imperative: Top Eight Takeaways from AIDS 2014

From a somber beginning to a closing ceremony calling for “Stepping up the Pace on HIV & AIDS,” health, and human rights (PDF), the 20th International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2014) provided insight, inspiration, and imperative for the critical work ahead. Here are our top eight takeaways from AIDS 2014.

Numerous MSH staff contributed to this content. MSH staff attending the conference included: Barbara Ayotte, Gordon Comstock, Melissa Gandanzara, Rachel Hassinger, Megh Jagriti, Jonathan Jay, Scott Kellerman, Candide Tran Ngoc, Cedric Ndizeye, Christine Onyango, Chinwe Owunna, Geneva Pham, Jonathan D. Quick, Christine Rogers, Gloria Sangiwa, Johanna Theunissen, Katie Reichert, and Sam Wanamama.

South Africa Knowledge Hub Session Highlights TB & HIV Co-infection, New Journal

New Strengthening Health Systems Journal launches.On Thursday, July 24, representatives from the World Bank Group, US Agency for International Development (USAID), Results International, MSH, and more, joined South Africa’s Deputy Director General, National Department of Health, for a panel discussion on Learning the Lessons from HIV for Improved TB Control and Beyond, a South Africa Knowledge Hub session in association with the new journal, Strengthening Health Systems.

MSH Country Representative of South Africa, Bada Pharasi, spoke at the session.

Related: Pharasi speaks about TB and HIV co-infection in South Africa. Watch video:

MSH President & CEO Jonathan D. Quick serves on the advisory board of Strengthening Health Systems. Follow the journal on Twitter @SHSJournal to learn more.



Meet Christine Onyango

Christine Onyango, deputy director of results and knowledge management at Grant Management Solutions (GMS), presented three posters at AIDS 2014.

On Wednesday, July 23, Onyango presented: “Morocco ends ART stock-outs using the Electronic Dispensing Tool (EDT)”:


Christine Onyango, MSH. {Photo credits: Rachel Hassinger/MSH.}

Christine Onyango. {Photo credit: Rachel Hassinger/MSH.}

Christine Onyango, MSH.


“Morocco ends ART stock-outs using EDT”

On Thursday, July 24, she presented two posters: (1) “Measuring performance of short-term technical support (STTS) to Global Fund grants: a unique setting to assess effectiveness”; and (2) “Measuring Effectiveness of Global Fund-Related Short-Term Technical Support (STTS) on Grant Management Bottlenecks: Results from 43 STTS Interventions in 24 Countries”.

Christine Onyango, MSH.

Christine Onyango, MSH.

Christine Onyango discussing the poster with an AIDS 2014 delegate.

Christine Onyango discussing the poster with an AIDS 2014 delegate.

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(Photo credits: Rachel Hassinger/MSH)