Oral Abstracts and Poster Presentations

The Poster Exhibition will be open Monday to Thursday, 10:00 to 18:30, in the Exhibition Hall on Level 2. Each poster is displayed for one day. Authors will be available between 12:30 and 14:30 on their day of presentation to answers questions and provide further information on their study results.



Leadership and management training increasing male involvement in PMTCT
Presenter: Shameza David

MOPE458 – Poster Exhibition

Sustainable HIV/AIDS funding: considered financial management capacity of local NGOs?
Presenter: Uche Ezeh

MOPE463 – Poster Exhibition

Commitment and participatory action at the national level: building a national HIV/AIDS database with four ministry teams in Cote d’Ivoire
Presenter: Xavier Alterescu

MOPE556 – Poster Exhibition

Access to HIV counseling and testing and maternity services among pregnant women in Uganda’s southwestern region: does age and education level play a significant role?
Presenter: Stephen Lwanga

MOPE577 – Poster Exhibition

Domesticating regional guidelines on standards for OVC programming in Lesotho: program imperatives
Presenter: Megh Raj Jagriti

MOPE704 – Poster Exhibition

Successful national scale-up of comprehensive HIV/AIDS services in Ethiopia
Presenter: Fred Hartman

MOPE705 – Poster Exhibition

Increasing PMTCT uptake in a rural hospital using community-based volunteers and male involvement campaigns: experience from northern Nigeria
Presenter: Edward Ugba

MOPE764 – Poster Exhibition

The impact of a pharmacy management software tool on improving access to pharmaceuticals and service delivery in a referral hospital, Namibia
Presenter: David Mabirizi


TUPE069 – Poster Exhibition

Reasons for missed doses in patients under low pill burden, long-term co-trimoxazole preventive therapy
Presenter: Gavin Steel

TUPE070 – Poster Exhibition

Long term adherence to co-trimoxazole prophylactic therapy in adult HIV-positive patients in South Africa
Presenter: J-P Sallet

TUPE074 – Poster Exhibition

Barriers to adherence to co-trimoxazole preventive therapy in adult HIV patients
Presenter: Gavin Steel

TUPE277 – Poster Exhibition

Evaluating the impact of prevention of Mother-to-Child Transmission of HIV (PMTCT) in Malawi through immunization clinic-based surveillance
Presenter: Erik Schouten

TUPE655 – Poster Exhibition

Optimizing remote desktop support to ensure uninterrupted access to electronic systems in the delivery of ART services
Presenter: Samson Mwinga

TUPE661 – Poster Exhibition

Tracking loss to follow-up of clients on care using expert clients in Pallisa district, eastern Uganda
Presenter: John Emamu

TUPE680 – Poster Exhibition

A simplified tool for communicating and dissemination LQAS survey data of small area performance
Presenter: Esther Sempiira

TUPE698 – Poster Exhibition

Improving quality of care in Botswana’s health facilities
Presenter: Don Harbick


WEAE0202 – Oral Abstract

A laboratory-based approach to reduce loss to follow-up of HIV-positive clients
Presenter: Chioma Nwuba

WEPE161 – Poster Exhibition

Mortality and health outcomes of HIV-exposed and unexposed children in a PMTCT cohort in Malawi
Presenter: Erik Schouten

WEPE170 – Poster Exhibition

Proactive identification of HIV exposed infants to reduce missed opportunities for a DNA PCR test at the Young Child Clinic (YCC) of three health facilities in rural eastern Uganda
Presenter: Edward Ssemafumu

WEPE172 – Poster Exhibition

Rural community PMTCT outreach for pregnant women: a strategy for increasing uptake of MCH services in rural northern Nigeria
Presenter: Gabriel Kogo

WEPE188 – Poster Exhibition

Towards an HIV-free generation: prospects and challenges of determining the outcomes of prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV program in hospitals in Kwara State, north central Nigeria
Presenter: Abubakar Abdulraheem

WEPE632 – Poster Exhibition

Overcoming the huddles of quality improvement (QI) in resource-limited settings: health systems gains from implementation of the Fully Functional Service Delivery Point (FFSDP) model
Presenter: Moses Arinaitwe

WEPE635 – Poster Exhibition

Examining the impact of collaboration between government and development partners on scale- up of TB/HIV services using the technical working group as a coordination platform: experience from northeast Nigeria
Presenter: Abutu Inedu

WEPE635 – Poster Exhibition

Turning the tide on HIV among men who have sex with men in Eastern Europe by developing an inclusive approach to program development
Presenter: Elden Chamberlain

WEPE682 – Poster Exhibition

Strategies to increase access to tuberculosis (TB) screening among people living with HIV (PLHIV) in northern Nigeria
Presenter: Dare Babafemi

WEPE709 – Poster Exhibition

Board governance development: a strategy for systems strengthening and sustainability
Presenter: Ochanya Iyaji-Paul

WEPE742 – Poster Exhibition

A workshop-based approach to scaling-up couple HIV counseling and testing (CHCT) among discordant couples: scenarios from rural Uganda
Presenter: Jennifer Acio


THAC0102 – Oral Abstract

More HIV positive infants and mothers identified through HIV testing in immunization clinics
Presenter: Erik Schouten

THPDE0101 – ORAL Poster Discussion

Lessons from the rapid response of Namibia’s supply chain when antiretroviral treatment guidelines changed to tenofovir-based first line regimen
Presenter: Jennifer Lates

THPE117 – Poster Exhibition

Strategies in HIV care: using a multi model approach to drive uptake of pediatric HIV services
Presenter: Chioma Nwuba

THPE672 – Poster Exhibition

Analysing savings from the 2010 South African antiretroviral tender: did increased volumes or reference pricing play a role?
Presenter: J-P Sallet

THPE688 – Poster Exhibition

Pharmacovigilance activities in HIV/AIDS programs in eight sub-Saharan African countries: opportunities to enhance treatment outcomes and ensure patient safety
Presenter: Hye Lynn Choi